Here we showcase publications produced by the NMBA for its members and the public.  Use the submenu to select the publication you wish to view.

Two other publications are available to members only: Libro and New Mexico’s Book World: A Resource Guide. These can be found under the Members Only! menu tab:

1.  LIBRO BOOK NEWS is the lively and informative journal of the New Mexico Book Association, a non-profit serving book professionals statewide since 1994. Members receive Libro Book News six times a year. NMBA membership is open to everyone involved with books and publishing. Dues are $65 per year (new members $50 first year!).

2.  NEW MEXICO’S BOOK WORLD is a unique and valuable resource, providing information about book-related organizations, companies, and services in New Mexico in an easy-to-use form. It is a free benefit to members of the New Mexico Book Association.