About NMBA

NMBA Mission

TO PRESERVE and perpetuate the Book (in the broadest sense of the term, including magazines and other printed manifestations of the written word and images) as a repository of the wisdom of the past, the essence of the present, and a guide to the future.

TO WORK with all interested individuals as well as all professionals involved in the production, manufacture, publication, distribution, and sale of books so as to enhance public recognition and appellation of books written by New Mexico authors, dealing with New Mexico issues, or produced or published in New Mexico.

TO SUPPORT and work with all organizations and associations, both public and private, interested in the promotion of the book itself, of literacy in general, and of educational resources designed to serve the widest public possible. Today, when the intrusion and expansion of television and the other media in the daily life of our citizenry is reaching previously unimagined levels, books and book publishing are experiencing profound transformations.

THE MEMBERS OF THE NEW MEXICO BOOK ASSOCIATION pledge their best efforts, in a spirit of cooperation and trust, to work with all other demonstrably dedicated persons to maintain, promote, and perpetuate the Book as an essential element of our lives, our histories, and our function as responsible citizens.

NMBA History

NEW MEXICO BOOK ASSOCIATION brings together enthusiastic and dedicated people whose lives and livelihoods are entwined with producing books and providing them to the public. Shortly after its founding in 1994, NMBA became the pioneer among statewide book publishing groups in opening its membership to all individuals, businesses, and institutions professionally involved with books. Editors, writers, printers, libraries and librarians, booksellers, freelance book designers, publicists, and marketers throughout the Land of Enchantment have a home in NMBA.